Ultimate 10-day Washington & Oregon Coast Road Trip Itinerary

One of the most iconic, Pacific Northwest road-trips is THIS ONE that will take you through Washington & Oregon’s Coast. With temperate rainforests, coastal beaches, jagged rocks jutting out of the ocean and some of the biggest trees in the world – the PNW really does have it all!

We did this iconic road trip in March 2023 and I’m here to share our 10-day road-trip itinerary with you! We experienced lots of rain, clouds some sunshine and an occasional epic sunset on our trip. Our experience on our Washington & Oregon road-trip was SO unique and I recommend this trip to anybody who is willing to explore what the PNW has to offer!

What you need to know before your road-trip

Before you begin your road-trip, you should be prepared and know that you will be visiting a National Park in Washington. Make sure you have your America the Great Parks Pass before visiting Olympic National Park! Other than Olympic, you are not entering any other National Parks on this road-trip. Make sure to check out our “how to visit Olympic National Park in one weekend” itinerary for details on what we saw in Olympic National Park!

The Oregon Coast road-trip has multiple stops along the way, so I also recommend reading our blog on “15 best stops to make on your Oregon Coast road-trip” to make sure you’re prepared with stops you’d like to see! The best time to do this road-trip would be in the Winter or Spring since it will be less busy in the off-season, and the PNW vibes are best enjoyed when it’s been raining!

Where to start your road-trip

There are multiple different ways to begin your Washington & Oregon Coast road trip and it depends entirely on where you live! Your trip can be convenient whether you’re driving South from the North, or North from the South. Since we are from Vancouver, BC, I will be directing this road-trip itinerary from North driving South.

If you’re following our road-trip itinerary from Vancouver or Seattle I recommend starting at Port Angeles. There are multiple ways to get to Port Angeles, but we decided to drive 6 hours from Vancouver. You can also take a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria and Victoria to Port Angeles. From Seattle, you can take a ferry to Port Angeles.

Our Actual 10-day Washington & Oregon road trip Itinerary

  • Day One: Drive to Port Angeles & check-in.
  • Day Two: Explore Olympic National Park & stay at AirBnb. Visit Lake Crescent, Marymere Falls & Sol Duc Falls.
  • Day Three: Explore Olympic National Park & camping in Mora Campground. Visit Cape Flattery, Rialto Beach, Ruby Beach & Hoh Rainforest.
  • Day Four: Drive to Cannon Beach & check-in to Surfsand Resort. Visit Cannon Beach for sunset.
  • Day Five: Explore Cannon Beach & Ecola State Park. Visit Ecola State Park for sunset.
  • Day Six: Drive to Cape Kiwanda & check-in to Headlands Lodge.
  • Day Seven: Explore Cape Kiwanda & Pacific City. Explore the sand dunes.
  • Day Eight: Drive to Southern Oregon Coast & camp at Harris Beach State Park. Visit Devil’s Punchbowl, Bandon Beach, Florence Sand Dunes, and Meyer’s Creek Beach.
  • Day Nine: Visit Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor & camp at Harris Beach State Park. Explore Secret Beach and Natural Bridge.
  • Day Ten: Drive to Northern California, hike Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park & drive home.

Day 1-3: Port Angeles & Olympic National Park

The first 3 days of our road-trip were spent exploring Port Angeles and Olympic National Park. By booking an AirBnb in Port Angeles we were able to explore Olympic National Park with a “home-base” before we started camping! Check out Purvision Properties “The Perch”.

Our weekend in Olympic National Park was packed with adventures. The first day was spent exploring places like Lake Crescent, Marymere Falls, and Sol Duc Falls. Make sure to read our full itinerary on “how to visit Olympic National Park in one weekend” for the best places to see!

We stayed at Mora Campground beside Rialto Beach for a night of camping after leaving Port Angeles. This was our second day of exploring Olympic National Park and we visited places like Cape Flattery, Rialto Beach, Ruby Beach, and Hoh Rainforest. These were by far the highlights of our trip to Olympic National Park and camping in the rainforest was a vibe.

Make sure to spend some time exploring Port Angeles, La Push, and Forks while you’re in the area. You can find some fantastic hidden gems, such as local Port Angeles burger drive-thru Frugals. We also tried Red Bull soda’s for the first time at one of many coffee drive-thrus we found. Olympic National Park is completely do-able in one weekend but if you have longer consider doing the Mount Storm King hike.

Day 4-6: Cannon Beach & Ecola State Park

The next part of our road-trip brought us down the coast and into Oregon. We crossed over the Astoria Bridge and were greeted with sunny weather! It was a quick drive to Cannon Beach where we checked into Surfsand Resort for 2 nights. This gave us a great opportunity to explore Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park.

Staying right on the beach was fantastic – we rented bikes from our hotel for sunset and watched the sun go down behind Haystack Rock. There is a parking lot beach entrance located directly in front of the rock that makes a great spot for photos. Cannon Beach was definitely busy but a bucket-list spot for us to check out!

Another bucket-list spot we wanted to see in Cannon Beach was Ecola State Park. This quick drive brings you to a beautiful view overlooking Cannon Beach’s haystack rocks in the distance. The waves looked massive from above crashing into the shore and this ended up being one of our favourite spots.

Make sure to check out the town of Cannon Beach as well – we found some cool surf shops, great coffee, and good food around town. We really enjoyed

Day 7-8: Cape Kiwanda & Pacific City

We drove a few hours from Cannon Beach to our next 2-night stay in Pacific City. This was by far one of the most luxurious experiences we had on the Oregon Coast at Headlands Lodge. Headlands Lodge is located direction in front of Cape Kiwanda beach and is next to a couple of hikes and sand dunes for you to explore.

A few years ago, you could drive your vehicle directly onto the beach but we learned quickly that is no longer the case. There is also a new fence around the Cape Kiwanda hike to keep visitors a safe distance away from the cliff side. You can still get incredible views from behind the fence!

While we were here, we stayed around Cape Kiwanda and one of our favourite places to eat was Pelican Brewing. This brewery is located directly beside the hotel and Cape Kiwanda Beach! We also spent a lot of time at our hotel to relax half-way through our trip.

Make sure to check out the town of Pacific City – we really enjoyed the laid-back vibes here. Right next to our hotel was a local take-out spot called Ben and Jeff’s where we had the best breakfast burritos of our life.

Day 9-10: Southern Oregon Coast & Northern California

The last leg of our trip brought us to Southern Oregon Coast. This section of the drive had the most stops out of our entire trip, and I’ve made an entire list of the best 15 stops you can make on your Oregon Coast road trip. In between Cape Kiwanda and Brookings, Oregon you can stop at: Devil’s Punchbowl, Bandon Beach, Florence Sand Dunes, black sand beaches, and Meyer’s Creek Beach.

We drove to our final campgrounds at Harris Beach State Park and this is where we found our favourite stops on the entire trip. The Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor has some of the best views on the coast, and we stopped to visit Secret Beach and Natural Bridge.

From here, we were less than 30 minutes from California and decided to extend our trip a little bit the next morning to see the Redwoods. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park is located right outside of Brookings, Oregon and we decided to visit the park and hiked the Simpson-Reed Trail to see some massive trees.

Our visit to the Redwoods was very quick and left us excited to see more of California! We only spent 1-2 hours in California before turning back and heading home towards Vancouver. We finished our travel day in the same day and were home by dinner.

Best places to stay on your Washington & Oregon Coast road trip

On our Washington & Oregon Coast road-trip we decided to do a mix of AirBnb stays, hotel & resort stays, and camping. We did not do any free camping but instead opted for State Park campgrounds. We stayed 1-night in our AirBnb, 2-nights at each hotel and camped in our tent for the additional nights! This gave us a good mix of adventure and relaxation.

Our favourite stay was Headlands Lodge in Cape Kiwanda. This was a beautiful, luxury resort located directly in front of the beach. We also really enjoyed our stay at Surfsand Resort because of it’s great location on Cannon Beach. Our AirBnb stay at The Perch was also fantastic because of how close it was to Olympic National Park and the cozy A-frame cabin vibes. Finally, we stayed at 2 campgrounds – one in Olympic National Park called Mora campground and one in Harris Beach State Park campground.

Final Thoughts on 10-day Washington & Oregon Coast road trip

The Washington & Oregon Coast road-trip down Highway 99 is one of the most iconic road-trips in the USA and for good reason! We explored some of the most unique landscapes in the PNW that can’t be found anywhere else in America. This is truly one of the most beautiful drives in the world and I hope we’ve inspired you to explore it yourself!

If you’re looking for more inspiration for trip-planning, make sure you read our “How to visit Olympic National Park in one weekend” and “15 best stops on your Oregon Coast road-trip“. For more adventures in Oregon consider reading “How to spend 3-days in Bend, Oregon” and “10 best stops on your Central Oregon road trip“. Make sure to respect the places you travel to and leave no trace!

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  • Maureen Reynolds

    September 25, 2023 at 6:05 am

    Wondering if you took in any of the hot springs in Southern Oregon?

  • Janet Mayer

    May 15, 2024 at 6:34 pm

    That’s it! You’ve convinced me! I’ve thought about visiting Cannon Beach ever since we moved to Washington. We’ve been pretty busy over the last few months with home renovations, but now that we finally finished the last thing on our to-do list, I’m ready to get outside and it looks like I need to get over to Cannon Beach! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica Zawada

    May 22, 2024 at 6:17 pm

    I live in Kelowna (hello BC neighbours) and plan on doing a very similar trip to this in September! My question is, how would your itinerary be different if you were bringing your pup with you? Were there any parts of Washington/Oregon that were not dog friendly?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Jake & Marie

      June 4, 2024 at 6:29 pm

      Hey! We brought our dog on this trip, and most of the Oregon Coast itinerary is dog friendly including the hotels :) The only part that wasn’t was Olympic National Park where she stayed at our AirBnb.

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