43 Best & Easy Photo-Worthy Spots in the Canadian Rockies

As photographers, the Canadian Rockies is an outdoor paradise filled with plenty of stunning views and locations! We’ve visited the Canadian Rockies many times over the years, and I’ve made this list to share with you our easiest stops in Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Canmore/Kananaskis, and the Icefields Parkway. Most of these locations are easy to walk to, or require a short hike and are an absolute-must for your bucket-list.

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or looking for some new photo locations, we’ve got you covered with 43 easy photo-worthy spots. This was a fun blog to write featuring our new photos and some of our old photos, and I hope this inspires your next trip to the Canadian Rockies!

Top 4 locations to visit in the Canadian Rockies

There is more to the Canadian Rockies than just Banff or Jasper! This blog is going to be split into 4 different categories in order to cover the most of the Canadian Rockies that I can. The Canadian Rockies consist of multiple different parks and cover parts of both Alberta and British Columbia. When you’re visiting the Canadian Rockies, it’s best to rent a vehicle in order to make the most of your trip and cover as much of the area as you can.

I’m focusing on Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, the Icefields Parkway and the Canmore/Kananaskis region. While there is still so much more to explore in the Canadian Rockies, focusing on these top locations and areas will make sure you make the most out of your trip and see plenty of what the Canadian Rockies have to offer.

Best photo-worthy spots in the Canadian Rockies

As photographers, having a guide like this before visiting the Canadian Rockies would help our research immensely! The two of us have hand-picked these locations as some of the best views you can find in the Rockies whether you’re a professional photographer or looking to take a new Instagram pic!

You’ll find most of your best views in these areas, and I’m going to cover 43 different locations that you need to check out to score the best photos! Most of these locations involve little to no hiking whatsoever and will take little effort to find beautiful spots to take photos. Keep reading to learn about 43 of the best photo-worthy spots in the Canadian Rockies!

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is by far one of the most beautiful parts of Canada, and this natural paradise has so much to explore! If you’re looking for views with easy access, I’ve created this list with options that are not very far from the parking lot or include a small, enjoyable walk to the viewpoint. I’ve included classics like Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, along with some other great views by the water such as Vermillion Lakes, Two Jack Lake and Lake Minnewanka.

Our favourite spot to hangout by the water and have a fire is at Cascade Ponds, and our two favourite easy hikes are Tunnel Mountain Summit and the Lake Agnes Teahouse/Little Beehive. Make sure to spend some time exploring the town of Banff and take some photos from Banff Avenue, and consider taking the gondola up to Sulfur Mountain!

  • Banff Avenue
  • Two Jack Lake
  • Lake Minnewanka
  • Johnson Canyon
  • Sulfer Mountain
  • Bow Falls
  • Lake Louise & Lake Moraine
  • Surprise Corner
  • Hoodoos Lookout
  • Vermillion Lakes
  • Cascade Ponds
  • Tunnel Mountain Summit
  • Little Beehive/Lake Agnes

Canmore & Kananaskis, AB

The town of Canmore might be rated higher than the town of Banff in our books, and that’s because this beautiful little mountain town has the same kind of mountains views we loved in Banff with adventures close by. The town of Canmore is great to walk around, and policeman creek trail is our favourite walk with the dog. Kananaskis is an absolute hikers playground and has some of the most epic mountains views we’ve seen in Alberta.

Rundle Forebay, Grassi Lakes, Quarry Lake, and Wedge Pond are fantastic for a mountain reflection in the water just outside of town and for an epic reflection in town you’ll head to three sisters lookout. Blackshale suspension bridge is an easy hike with a huge suspension bridge found in the forests of Kananaskis and I want to end this one by highly suggesting going for a hike in this area as well.

  • Town of Canmore
  • Policeman Creek Trail
  • Three Sisters Lookout
  • Quarry Lake
  • Old Bridge on Bow River
  • Wedge Pond
  • Blackshale Suspension Bridge
  • Rundle Forebay
  • Grassi Lakes

Icefields Parkway

This might be the most iconic highway in Canada and it’s certainly the most beautiful drive we’ve done in our lives. The Icefields Parkway will take you 3 hours to drive and you’ll need to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to stop for photos, because there are a lot of stops you’ll want to see. My first recommendation for photos is truly anywhere road-side. As long as you’re being safe, you can capture the highway in all it’s glory on the road.

Peyto Lake, Bow Lake Waterfowl Lake and Herbert Lake are our top recommendations for views by the water surrounded by mountains. These are all great reflections at sunrise and make for incredible photos. In the middle of the drive, you’ll come across the big bend and the big hill which make for cool shots as well. The Athabasca Glacier is a must-see with the glacier skywalk, and our top hidden gem has to be Abraham Lake.

  • Anywhere road-side
  • Peyto Lake
  • Bow Lake
  • Waterfowl Lake
  • Big Hill & Big Bend
  • Athabasca Glacier
  • Glacier Skywalk
  • Herbert Lake
  • Mistaya Canyon
  • Abraham Lake

Jasper National Park

Jasper is a quieter park compared to Banff, but the mountains are so much bigger! This beautiful, rugged park is located 3.5 hours from Banff and you’ll be driving down the famous Icefields Parkway to get from one park to the other. Be prepared for plenty of wild animals and a charming mountain town. One of the best things to do is explore Jasper town!

Spirit Island and Pyramid Lake are the two most known views in Jasper and are iconically beautiful for a reason. We really enjoyed visiting Lake Edith and Lake Annette for a swim, and the valley of the five lakes was our favourite local hike. Athabasca Falls and Sunwapta Falls are a must to check out the most powerful waterfalls in Jasper, and the Jasper Skytram takes you up into the mountains for a stunning view without the effort.

  • Pyramid Lake
  • Athabasca Falls
  • Maligne Lake
  • Medicine Lake
  • Lake Edith & Lake Annette
  • Maligne Canyon
  • Sunwapta Falls
  • Town of Jasper
  • Jasper Skytram
  • Valley of the Five Lakes

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