40 Unique Gift Ideas for your Outdoorsy Friends

If you’re shopping for your outdoorsy friend and can’t seem to find the perfect gift for them, I’ve got you covered! I’m sharing 40 of our favourite gifts that we’ve hand-picked for that special outdoorsy someone. Our friends and family have been shopping for outdoorsy gifts for Jake & I for the past couple of years and we know how useful these gift guides can be. We’ve included gifts for him & her along with outdoorsy gifts for every type of budget!

Your outdoorsy friend will appreciate any gift that helps them enjoy their time outdoors so I’ve included lots of options for hiking, backpacking and outdoor adventuring. We’re hoping you find something good on our list and that we can make gift shopping a bit easier for you this year! Keep reading for our top outdoorsy gifts guide!

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Outdoorsy Gift Ideas for Him & Her


Shop Unisex Blundstone Chelsea Boots ($239)

I got my first pair of Blundstones as a Christmas gift and love them! They’re a staple on the West Coast and it was nice to have someone buy these for me instead of purchasing my own pair. They are unisex with men & women’s sizes and will last your outdoorsy friend a very long time.

Beanies & Toques

Shop Carhartt Beanie ($31), shop Notice The Reckless Beanie ($36), shop ROOTS toque ($28)

I can never have enough beanies and toques! This is an awesome recommendation for your outdoorsy friend, and there’s plenty to choose from. Some brands that I love are Carhartt, Roots, Notice the Reckless, Herschel and more.

Lululemon Belt Bag

Shop Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag ($44)

This is one of my most-used items that I have on this list and you’ve probably seen them before. Lululemon has a couple of different belt bags, and I’m recommending this one because it’s a different style than the typical belt bag, it’s larger than most belt bags, and the colours are great. I love the look of mine and I share it with Jake sometimes!

Fleece Pullover

Shop Patagonia 1/4 Fleece Sweater ($135), Shop Patagonia Better Sweater Men’s ($189), Shop Billabong Switchback Pullovers ($115), Shop Notice the Reckless Alps Fleece ($119)

This is probably number one on my Christmas list this year! I love fleece sweaters and can never have enough of them. There are plenty of brands who sell good-quality fleece so I’ll link some of my favourites for you.

Long-Sleeve Base Layer

Shop Lululemon Swiftly Tech ($78) & Lululemon Metal Vent ($88)

I like to gift my friends and family a nice-quality long sleeve shirt that is made of materials you can hike and exercise in. Lululemon swiftly tech long sleeves are what I wear on our adventures and are a great base layer. There’s a men’s version called the Metal Vent long sleeve that I’ve gifted Jake for years!

Packable Down Jacket

Shop Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater Jacket ($349) and Patagonia Women’s Nano Puff Insulated Jacket ($285)

While a jacket can be an expensive gift, it will last a long time and be extremely useful. I’m linking this Patagonia down jacket that’s versatile and lightweight! Both of these options come in men & women’s sizes.

Trucker Hats & Baseball Caps

Shop Patagonia Trucker Hat ($49) and shop Patagonia Trad Cap ($49)

I’m recommending these two hats from Patagonia! Jake likes the trucker hat style and I prefer the traditional style. They’re a great brand and are perfect for the summer.

Lululemon Leggings & Joggers

Shop Lululemon Invigorate Leggings ($138) & Lululemon Surge Jogger ($128)

I’ve always had Lululemon leggings as one of my main gifts every holiday season, and that’s because they last a long time. When it comes to gifting leggings I usually will buy one of the more expensive, thicker leggings called Invigorates because they’re good for hiking. For men, I’ve bought Jake a pair of joggings every year and they’re his favourite pant.

Tevas Sandals

Shop Tevas Original Universal Sandal ($80) or Tevas Original Universal Sandal in USA

I’ve added these Teva sandals to my gift guide because they’re lightweight and comfortable! They can be worn casually or I’ve even see people doing small hikes with them. Definitely an outdoorsy staple.

Rain Jacket/Shell Jacket

Shop affordable options: Men’s Helly Hansen Shell Jacket ($119) or Columbia Women’s Arcadia Shell Jacket ($109)

Shop high-end Men’s Arcteryx Beta Jacket ($500) and shop Women’s Arcteryx Beta Jacket ($500)

If your outdoorsy friend lives somewhere that rains often (hello Vancouver) it would be an awesome gift to find them a quality rain jacket or shell jacket to keep them dry. These options from Arcteryx are top-rated and packable, so they’ll last your outdoorsy friend a long time and be brought on every hike.

Birkenstock Boston

Shop Birkenstock Unisex Boston Clogs ($200)

These slides are really fashionable right now and I love this style for both men & women. They look great for casual wear and the closed-toe makes them easy to wear with outfits.

Camp Shirts

Shop Men’s Flannel Shirt ($169), shop Notice the Reckless Ponchos/Shirts ($79)

You can’t really go wrong with a good looking camp shirt. When I say camp shirt, I’m thinking heavy-weight, patterned and warm. Something perfect to wear at camp around the fire. I have a few different styles for both men & women that I’m going to share from my own shopping list.

Osprey 20L Backpack

Shop Osprey 20L Tempest (Womens) & Osprey 20L Talon (Mens) ($199)

These are our favourite day-hiking backpacks and they’re great for anybody that’s starting to day hike and doesn’t have a proper hiking backpack yet. There’s plenty of room for clothes, snacks, and essentials. There’s room for a water reservoir and it includes both a chest and waist strap. We have the men & women’s versions of this bag.

Gloves with Hand Warmers

Shop The North Face Denali Gloves ($59) (comes in Men & Womens) shop TNF Denali Gloves in USA

Gloves are a great idea for your outdoorsy friend, and if you’ve found a nice pair of gloves I also recommend throwing some hand warmers in with it. This would be a really thoughtful gift for your friend who does a lot of winter activities!

Gifts for your Outdoorsy Friend Under $50

Hiking Socks

Shop Merino Wool Hiking Socks or Double Lined Hiking Socks (Canada only) ($29)

I’ll tell you one thing for sure, it’s that your outdoorsy friend will really appreciate socks! A good quality pair of hiking socks will cost around $20-30 for a pair, so having someone else purchase you a pair is really great. Merino Wool are the best, and I also really like double-lined hiking socks.

Therm-A-Rest Foam Seat Pad

Shop Therm-A-Rest Z Seat on Amazon ($29)

I would personally love one of these, but can’t bring myself to purchase my own. It would be an awesome gift to give your outdoorsy friend who hikes or backpacks because everybody needs a soft spot to sit! Instead of sitting on a hard rock or surface, this lightweight foam pad gives you a great cushion.

Sea to Summit Pillow

Shop Sea to Summit Ultralight Pillow ($49) or Sea to Summit Ultralight Pillow in USA

This is definitely a gift idea that I want myself. Jake and I don’t have a pillow when we go backcountry camping and I usually try to sleep on my clothes. It sucks! This is a super small, packable and lightweight camping pillow that you inflate yourself and will almost guarantee a better sleep.

YETI Rambler Coffee Mug

Shop YETI Rambler Coffee Mug ($40) on Amazon

An insulated mug will keep your outdoorsy friends coffee hot and enjoyable! These mugs are great to bring on hiking or backpacking trips and much better than the tin camp mugs.

Nalgene Water Bottle

Shop Nalgene 1L Water Bottle in Canada ($20) or shop Nalgene Water Bottle in USA

Gifting a Nalgene water bottle could be a fun stocking stuffer on its own or if you fill it up with extra goodies! I thought a holiday-coloured Nalgene with different candies, snacks, or small gifts would be a creative way to stuff a stocking. You can decorate it with stickers for them too!

Stasher Bags & Beeswax Wraps

Shop Stasher Sandwich Bags ($15) and Beeswax Wraps ($22)

Your outdoorsy friend cares about their environmental impact, and I think it would be so thoughtful to receive reusable stashed bags or beeswax wraps. They’re useful on hikes where you’ll need to pack out your garbage, and to have someone else gift them to you would be really sweet.

Backpacker Meals & Snacks

Shop Mountain House Pad Thai, shop Clif Bars, shop Honey Stingers (less than $30)

This is one really great suggestion from Jake! To be gifted with backpacker meals would be an awesome way to try new flavours without breaking the bank. Some of our favourite brands are Backpackers Pantry, Alpine Air, & Happy Yak. Gifting snacks like new energy bar flavours to try would be great too!

AllTrails Pro Subscription

Shop AllTrails Pro Subscription ($35)

I’m super happy to add this one to our gift guide because we truly use AllTrails on every single one of our hikes. The pro subscription includes additional features but the best feature is that you can use offline trail maps when you don’t have cell service. A great gift for your outdoorsy friend!

Gift Ideas for your Outdoorsy Friend under $100

Road-trip Blanket

Shop Notice The Reckless Roadtrip Blanket ($69)

I love this gift idea so much. If you know somebody who’s a road-tripper, consider grabbing them a fun road-trip blanket that they can leave in their car. We pack ours in the trunk of our vehicle and take it out unexpectedly all the time. Bonus points for the cool pattern by Notice the Reckless.

Birkenstock Evas (waterproof slides)

Shop Birkenstock Eva Unisex Sandal ($65)

I didn’t know I needed these until I got them! I use these Birkenstocks so often because they’re lightweight, I can carry them attached to my backpack, and they’re waterproof. I change into these slides on backcountry trips after taking my boots off and I use them in the water to avoid sharp rocks!

Guess Where Trip (Canada)

Shop Guess Where Trips ($65) Canada only

I think that this would be such an awesome gift! Guess Where trips are purchased for $65 and they provide a full-day itinerary for a day-trip of your choice. They have some great options all over Canada and we loved their Bowen Island experience.

Petzl Actik Headlamp

Shop Petzl Aktik Headlamp in Canada ($64) or Petzl Aktik Headlamp in USA

I personally feel like everyone who hikes should have a headlamp in their backpack for emergencies, and I’m linking you to the one that we use all the time. The light is super bright, it fits well and has a few different light options including red light. If your outdoorsy friend doesn’t have one, I’d definitely suggest this gift!

Aeropress Travel Coffee Maker

Shop Aeropress Coffee Maker ($55)

The Aeropress travel coffee maker is on Jake’s list this year, and it’s a great addition to your backpacking gear. This would improve our backcountry coffee by a long shot and it’s lightweight enough to bring on trips!

Baffin Down Booties

Shop Baffin Unisex CUSH Down Filled Booties ($70)

These are very high on my list! I would use these for cold nights at camp or in the backcountry. They’re filled with super warm down and would be an awesome gift.

Gift Ideas for your Outdoorsy Friend $100+

Garmin Inreach

Shop Garmin Inreach Mini 2 in Canada ($529) or Garmin Inreach Mini 2 in USA

This is an expensive gift but an essential piece of gear! They work as a satellite responder that allows hikers to use an offline GPS and emergency SOS caller. You can also text a family member and let them know you’re safe if you don’t have cell service!

Helinox Packable Chair

Shop Helinox Camp Chair in Canada ($159) or Helinox Camp Chair in USA

I think these foldable chairs that we got this year are so cool, they’re super lightweight and easy to assemble. We’ve packed these in our backpacks for hikes so we have somewhere to sit (especially in the snow) and it’s so convenient to have. Also great to throw in the back of your road-trip vehicle.

Rumpl Blanket

Shop Rumpl Blanket ($120)

These cozy blankets are made for the outdoor adventurer and are great for cold mornings & camping trips. They pack up pretty small and are easy to leave in your vehicle for when you need it! They have a lot of really great designs so you can choose one that suits your gift.

Jetboil Stove

Shop Jetboil Flash Camping Stove in Canada ($147) or Jetboil Flash Camping Stove in USA

I think this would be an awesome gift for Jake if he didn’t already have one. He loves his Jetboil stove and we use it all the time. On road-trips, camping trips, and backpacking trips! Jake will use it to make coffee, noodles, and backpacking meals. Such a cool addition to your outdoorsy friends gear.

Yeti Cooler

Shop YETI Tundra 45L Cooler in Canada ($425) or shop YETI Tundra 45L on Amazon

If I didn’t already have a YETI cooler, I’d be buying Jake one for Christmas this year. They’re top of the line, they look really cool and they keep our ice cold for days. The colours stand out in the back of our vehicle and looks great at the campsite or tailgate.

Rocky Talkies

Shop Rocky Talkie Backcountry Radio ($167 each)

If anybody is shopping for us this year, this is what we would love! Jake and I have thought so many times on our adventures that it would be useful to have a pair of walkie talkies to communicate when we’re far from each other. This is also a must for photography (for example, communicating while shooting vehicles). These walkie talkies clip onto your gear and would be an awesome gift.

Selk Bag

Shop Selk’Bag Lite Recycled ($195)

Jake and I both have a Selk Bag and we love the idea of a wearable sleeping bag! These are so cozy and warm, and we’ve used them on road-trips and camping trips. They’re so funny looking and would be a great gift to keep your outdoorsy friend warm!

Peak Design Camera Clip

Shop Peak Design Camera Clip ($150)

We love our camera clip, it allows Jake to attach his camera right onto his shoulder/chest on his backpack. It’s great for when we’re hiking and we need to access the camera for a shot. So much easier than digging through our backpack and having to put it away after!

Hiking Poles

Shop Black Diamond Women’s Trekking Poles in Canada ($129) or Black Diamond Trekking Poles in USA

Not everybody uses hiking poles, but they are so handy when you need them! I use hiking poles on a lot of our backpacking trips as well as on more difficult hikes with higher elevation gain. They’re a lifesaver for many reasons, but they keep my balance steady and help me keep pace. I’ve also included micro spikes as a recommendation here in case you have friends who hike in the winter!

Grayl Water Filter

Shop Grayl Water Filter in Canada ($115) or Grayl Water Filter in USA

We chose this water filter specifically for backpacking, but I’m recommending it for your travelling friend too! This water filter might be heavier than some on the market, but it’s guaranteed to properly filter your water. Before we bought one, the reviews online told us that someone brings it on every international trip to filter water, and we were sold!

Inflatable Paddle Board

Shop Solstice Paddle Boards & use our code YAM75 for an addition $75 off

We just got our first paddle boards this year and we LOVE getting them out on the water! We use Solstice Paddle Boards Louise 10’6″ board and the Joffre 11′. Inflatable paddle boards like these are fantastic because they’re easy to bring along in the back of our vehicle for adventures, and their awesome backpack design allows us to carry our boards to cooler locations! Solstice boards are durable and lightweight, and come with premium accessories like the backpack, water pump and paddles.

BOSE Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Shop BOSE Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ($150)

A portable Bluetooth speaker is an awesome gift for your outdoorsy friend to bring on their adventures. This one is lightweight, waterproof and designed to withstand rugged impact.

National Parks Pass

Shop Discovery Pass Canada ($145) and America Annual Park Pass ($80)

We buy a Parks Pass every year and it’s always worth it. Your outdoorsy friend most likely spends time in National Parks, and buying an annual pass would be a great gift for them.

Still searching for gift ideas? Check out our blogs on Beginner Backcountry Gear Guide & What to Bring on your Day-Hike for more adventure-themed gifts this season!

If you still can’t decide, consider gifting your outdoorsy friend a gift card from your local adventure-gear store. Some options include Atmosphere, MEC, SAIL, and Valhalla Outfitters. For the States, try REI and Backcountry! Happy gift-giving!

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