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What’s in our Camera Bag as Adventure Photographers

As full-time adventure and travel photographers, two of the most frequent questions we’re asked are: “What camera do you use,” and “how did you take this photo?” I’m here to share what’s in our camera bag & what I recommend for beginners to bring along on your adventures so you can capture the moment and find out how we shoot them.

This blog was written in mind not only for beginners but for those who are serious about photography and want to take their gear to the next level, like we did, in 2022 when we upgraded our gear. I’ve even included a section on our next equipment investments that you’ll likely see in our camera bags in 2023. If this sounds like what you need to inspire your own camera bag, keep reading!

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What’s in our Camera Bag?

We bought our first camera and most of our gear in 2020 and we had A LOT of free time to research the best gear to bring on adventures. For adventure and travel photography specifically, you want your gear to be able to withstand the elements and be able to perform consistently. It also needs to be portable and easy to carry, so we learned quickly on that it’s best to invest in gear that is going to save you some weight in your pack.

Professional Camera Body

Canon EOS R: We shoot with our Canon EOS R body. This is a full-frame mirrorless camera that rates pretty high amongst Canon cameras. This lightweight camera is a beast and I would recommend it to anybody that has made a leap with their photography and are looking to take it to the next level shooting professional photos. We upgraded to a full-frame camera went with the Canon EOS R because of the colour that you can get from a Canon camera, for the weather sealing capabilities (we’re often shooting in the rain and snow so having this was a must) as well as the premium selection of lenses.

Camera Lenses

Canon RF 15-35mm f2.8: The ultra wide-angle lens that lives on our camera body is the Canon RF 15-35mm f2.8. This lens has changed the game for us! The photos that we get from this lens are beyond dreamy and so crisp. This is one of Canon’s best lenses, it’s an all-around lens for us, and a must in your camera bag.

Canon RF 24-70mm f2.8: This is one lens that we are currently in the market for. While we love our 15-35mm, this zoom lens would offer us a lot more compression. Another one of Canons best lenses and something I could see us using all the time.


Manfrotto Element Carbon Fibre Tripod: We chose one of the best tripods on the market for our line of work. We use a Carbon Fibre Manfrotto Element Tripod and it is a MUST HAVE for taking self portraits, couple photos, or for shooting long exposure. We purchased ours at the beginning of our photography journey and we chose this one because it’s built to last (we’ve had it for 3 years), it’s made of lightweight carbon fibre (perfect for travel) and it has a lifetime warranty.

Amazon iPhone Tripod: We also have a cheap iPhone tripod from Amazon! We bring this small, versatile iPhone tripod with us everywhere. We mostly use it to capture iPhone videos of the both of us in frame together and it’s taken some really cute IG Reel & TikTok content for us.

Camera Remote

Aodelan WTR 2 Camera Remote: One of the most important parts of our camera gear is our camera remote. We often have people ask us who takes our couple photos and the answer is: we take them ourselves! Using a combination of our tripod with a camera remote to release the shutter allows us to pose a far distance away and take photos of ourselves. This one can reach a distance of 2 football fields!

Accessories & Filters

Sandisk Extreme Pro 124 SD Card: We use a high-quality memory card which is essential for your overall image. We have a Sandisk Extreme pro 124 SD Card which is a pricey addition to your camera gear but it’s always been worth it for us to make the initial investment.

ProMist Diffusion Filter: This is a new addition to our camera bag, we have a new diffuser filter on our lens after being convinced by some of our friends. We bought the Tiffen Black ProMist 1/4 diffuser filter for our lens (82mm) and we love it. It gives the highlights a soft glow, lowers contrast, and gives an overall dreamy look to our photos right out of the camera.

Peak Design Camera Clip: Another fantastic addition to our camera bag has been our Camera Clip by Peak Design. It attaches to Jake’s hiking backpack and allows the camera to clip securely on the front while we’re hiking. This has been awesome for easy access to our camera on the trail without having to dig through our backpacks.

Camera Backpack

Camera Backpack: Speaking of backpacks, we often use our hiking backpacks as camera bags and keep our equipment safe with a camera cube. On days where we’re not hiking or focusing solely on a photography job, we’ll bring our Peak Design camera backpack with us that we bought at the beginning of our photography journey.

Videography (Reels, TikToks)

iPhone 13 Pro: We’re often asked about our video content and what we use to film videos for Reels and TikToks. We shoot everything at the moment on our iPhone 13 Pro and I’m going to share our settings here with you: We shoot 1080p 60fps, save in high quality.

Editing & Photo Storage

MacBook Pro & iPad Pro: We edit all of our photos on Lightroom and we edit ourselves with our MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. We typically edit our Reels and TikToks on their respective apps but we also sometimes use the app InShot.

External Hard Drive: For extra phone storage, I use 2TB of Google Photos for everything on my phone. I backup everything to Google Photos at Original Quality and delete them off of my phone. For RAW files and photography, we use a 2TB Lacie Hard Drive.

BONUS: Drone

DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro: One of the biggest wish-list items we have on our minds right now is a drone. We’ve been heavily convinced by fellow photographer friends on how much fun it is to use a drone and the extra layer of creativity it brings. We will 100% be investing in a DJI Mavic Pro Mini because of it’s insane capabilities at a smaller size.

Our Fujifilm Beginner Camera & Lens

Fujifilm XT-30: We started our photography journey with a Fujifilm XT-30 camera body. While a bit more expensive than a standard beginner camera, the investment is worth it. We bought this camera off of tons of research and came to a conclusion on it because of the great colours it produces, the interval timer built-in, top of the line automatic settings, and speedy/reliable autofocus. We liked the vintage/retro style while being lightweight and small in size for travel!

Fujifilm 16-55mm f2.8: Along with our beginner camera we also invested in a Fujifilm 16-55mm f2.8 lens. This might be Fujis best lens on the market. It never left our camera while we had our XT-30 and I can’t recommend it enough. This glass produces top-quality images!

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

I’d like to end this blog on our camera gear by saying that investing in camera gear is a very personal decision and it takes a lot of time and research to know what’s best for you. You definitely don’t need to begin your photography journey by buying everything we have listed all at once, but rather this will be gear that you accumulate over plenty of years of photography!

My best tips are to start buying second-hand gear to save money, start talking to like-minded people who are interested in photography who will give you suggestions on gear that they love, and read blogs/posts from your favourite photographers about their gear and why they love it. There are so many ways to learn, and you’ll learn best by experiencing it and trying them out yourself! Look for local photography events in your area where you can try out new gear!

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