girl sitting on wooden platform overlooking horseshoe bay sunset

Horseshoe Bay Lookout (SECRET Sunset Spot in Vancouver)!

Finding a good spot to watch the sunset in Vancouver is easy, and choosing Horseshoe Bay Lookout makes it even easier. While this spot is no longer much of a “secret,” it’s definitely a hidden gem of Vancouver with epic views. We’ve included this spot in our list of 10 easy places to watch the sunset in Vancouver because it truly is SO easy to find, it features a really beautiful view, and the platform makes for a great spot to sit-back and enjoy.

Located in Vancouver’s West, this spot is extremely accessible. The most difficult part of finding this spot might just be where to park your car (and we’ve got that covered, too)! You’re more than welcome to enjoy this spot at any time of day with your friends, family, or loved ones, though I personally recommend coming here to enjoy the sunset. It’s absolutely worth the visit and although the “secret” is out, it’s not a crowded spot by all means. If this sounds like the perfect, laid-back adventure for you, keep reading!

How to Get to Horseshoe Bay Lookout from Vancouver

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Directions to Horseshoe Bay Lookout

This “secret” sunset spot is located approximately 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver, and you’ll be crossing over Lions Gate Bridge towards West Vancouver. You’ll find Horseshoe Bay Lookout on Horseshoe Bay Drive which is just below the Sea to Sky Highway heading East.

As you get closer to the spot, you’ll likely notice a few cars pulled over on the road to your left. Horseshoe Bay Lookout is located on the left side of the road as well, so you will be turning your car around and choosing 1 of the two spots to park your car.

Where to Park your Car

The first spot that you’ll drive past to park your car is slightly further away from the Horseshoe Bay Lookout. It’s a larger car-park space and there’s room for more cars at this spot. If you’re parking your car here, you’ll head to the right and walk down the road to find the lookout.

If you drive a little bit further, though, you’ll also notice another small pull-off on the left side of the road. This spot is closer to the Horseshoe Bay Lookout and can fit maybe 3-4 cars. From here, you’ll start walking up the road to your left and follow the path.

Horseshoe Bay Lookout Platform

Girl sitting on wooden platform overlooking Horseshoe bay sunset

From either parking spot, you’ll be following a dirt path off of the main road to find Horseshoe Bay Lookout. The cars on this road are typically driving fast past you, so exercise caution at all times. Especially if you’re walking with small children or pets. You’ll notice plenty of spots where you can climb up the rocks to get up the small hill and catch a look over Horseshoe Bay.

You’ll be specifically looking for the red and white sign with a truck that says Residential Area on it. This is your signal to climb up the short rocky hill to your right, and after a couple of steps you’ll reach the Horseshoe Bay Platform. The wooden platform is small and nowhere near enough room for a tent, but it makes for a perfect lookout spot.

BC ferry at horseshoe bay

From the Horseshoe Bay Platform you’ll overlook views of Horseshoe Bay and you’ll be able to watch the ferries roll in. If you’d really like to coordinate your visit with the ferry routes, check out Horseshoe Bay arrival times on BC Ferries. From here, there are ferries coming to and from Vancouver Island, Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast.

The sun will start to set behind Horseshoe Bay and you’ll be surprised with a beautiful golden light across the water. This is a great spot to bring some friends and spend a couple of hours chilling on the wooden platform. Always remember if you’re bringing food or drinks to pack in what you pack out!

During our visit there were a couple of other photographers, and a family. We didn’t feel crowded at all and everybody took turns taking photos. This is a great sunset recommendation not only for the epic views but for how incredibly easy it is! With barely any walking and no hiking what-so-ever, you’ll practically get out of your car and be enjoying the sunset.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

This spot is available and accessible all-year round. With that being said, your best experience would be in the warmer Spring/Summer months so that you can comfortably enjoy the view and hangout on the platform while you watch the sunset. The Horseshoe Bay Lookout is obviously close to the water and you’ll notice it’s a bit chillier here.

I’ll make sure to say this again – Horseshoe Bay Lookout is best enjoyed as a sunset spot! You should absolutely come here on a nice partly sunny or fully sunny day to enjoy the sky up with different colours for sunset. You can definitely visit this spot at any time of day but I hope you choose to hangout for the sunset! Make sure to show up at least an hour before the sun goes down to enjoy golden hour.

Final Thoughts

While this spot used to be a “secret” hidden gem of Vancouver, it has rightfully gained popularity for its easy access and epic views. This is definitely worth the stop whether you’re visiting Vancouver, new to the city, or have lived here for a while and haven’t checked it out yet. As always, make sure to leave no trace and respect the trail by packing up any garbage you might have brought. Make sure to share the space with others and enjoy!

Send me a comment or a message and let me know if we’ve helped you discover this spot and what you think of the views! If you’re looking for more to do in Vancouver, make sure to check out these other blogs of ours:

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