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  • 5 Great Reasons for Canadians to Work & Travel with IEC

    One of the best decisions Jake and I have made together as a couple is to prioritize travelling while we’re young. Travel is a great way to broaden your view of the world, learn about new cultures, and gain confidence while making memories that will last a lifetime! You learn so much about yourself while experiencing a different part of the world and for us personally, we’ve gained many important…

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  • Aruba: The Ultimate 4-day Travel Guide

    Packing our bathing suits for a sunny trip to Aruba in December is one of the best things we did this year! We knew that the white sandy beaches, perfectly warm weather and crystal blue waters would be the perfect escape from the cold weather in Canada. In this travel guide, we’re sharing our 4-day itinerary to this beautiful small island including our best things to do, where to stay,…

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