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  • 40 Unique Gift Ideas for your Outdoorsy Friends

    If you’re shopping for your outdoorsy friend and can’t seem to find the perfect gift for them, I’ve got you covered! I’m sharing 40 of our favourite gifts that we’ve hand-picked for that special outdoorsy someone. Our friends and family have been shopping for outdoorsy gifts for Jake & I for the past couple of years and we know how useful these gift guides can be. We’ve included gifts for…

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  • Our Beginner Gear Guide for Backcountry Camping

    One of the best things we’ve ever done is get into backcountry camping. Setting up your tent after a long hike, getting to relax, and enjoying the view for hours is priceless on a bucket-list trail and something I wish we did sooner. If you’re someone who’s looking to get into backcountry camping or hiking or if you’re looking for our gear reviews this blog is for you! I could…

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  • What’s in our Camera Bag as Adventure Photographers

    As full-time adventure and travel photographers, two of the most frequent questions we’re asked are: “What camera do you use,” and “how did you take this photo?” I’m here to share what’s in our camera bag & what I recommend for beginners to bring along on your adventures so you can capture the moment and find out how we shoot them. This blog was written in mind not only for…

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  • What to Bring on your Day Hike: Gear Guide

    Whether you’re going on a short walk through the park or an epic day-long trek, it’s important to be prepared. You never know what kind of weather conditions you’ll be met with on the trail or if today’s the day you’re going to find yourself injured. You could get lost, hurt, or your hike might just take longer than you expected. Either way, I know how important being prepared is…

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