& we’re living our dreams as full-time content creators who spend our time exploring, hiking, and road-tripping (with our puppy Rosie, of course). The two of us were born and raised in Ontario and have lived in Canada most of our lives.

Photography is what changed everything for us. We picked up our first camera and a spark ignited. We knew that we wanted to learn everything we could about photography and capture the best views. Since then, our camera has brought us to the most INCREDIBLE places.

Now, we’re here to share it all with you.

We’ve road-tripped, car-camped, and even did van-life. Additionally, we’ve travelled across Canada about 8 times. It’s time we let you know HOW. Our blog is here to recommend you the best and most beautiful hikes, views, and places you MUST visit in Canada. Begin with our destinations tab and you’ll find blog posts featuring our favourites from hiking & backpacking trips. Going further, you’ll also find our Gear Guides to show you what we use on all of our adventures, and a special section on what’s in our camera bag too.

We’re here to help inspire, so you’ll also find our Travel Photography Guide to help improve your photos and capture those special memories. Just like we have! This will include everything we wished we knew when we first picked up our camera. We give you advice on how to shoot your own solo shots or couple photos, and more.